A Man Called Paladin

Image of A Man Called Paladin

A Man Called Paladin (2018) (Sleepy Hollow X Dakar)

Tetraploid 5.5”, 36”, Evergreen, Midseason, 4 branches, 24 buds, fertile both ways.  Highly saturated black purple of thick substance, with tight ruffles, a double picotee of red and white, a ring of orange and red above a green throat, and red extending up the midribs.  S-shaped scape is well-branched.  Color holds in sun.  Plants are hefty!  When I first saw this in bloom, I thought of the black outfit that Richard Boone wore in the wonderful old TV western series, "Have Gun Will Travel."  He portrayed a "knight without armor in a savage land....a man called Paladin."