Abbey Purple

Abbey Purple image

Abbey Purple (Bouman-Derrow 2010) Round Midnight X Bela Lugosi

Tetraploid 38 " tall, 6.5 " flowers, Semi-evergreen, EM; 4-way branching, 35 buds, fertile both ways. Transmits stature and fine branching to its offspring. Highly rust-resistant.  Vibrant dark purple that pretty much resembles this morning shade photo with my Nikon D5000.  My buddy, Mike Derrow, grew this cross for me and made the selection.

ABBEY PURPLE combines two of the best dark purples of the 1990s. If you're never grown Roger Mercer's ROUND MIDNIGHT, you have missed a wonderful garden presence. In fact, when I realized how many selections I have from it, I brought it back into my collection.