An Old Fashioned Waltz (Bouman 2016)

Picture of An Old Fashioned Waltz

An Old Fashioned Waltz (2016) Volver X Enchanted Forest

Tetraploid.   Melon chiffon pink with a tangy ruffled yellow edge and a warm "citrus medley" (orange to yellow to green) throat.  6, 24, Dormant, Midseason.  4 branches, 23 buds.  Wonderful plant!

Oscie Whatley's Volver is one fine plant and a distinctive shade of melon shell pink in the floral face.  I used it with Phil Reilley's Enchanted Forest to try to improve the way Enchanted Forest opened in my garden.  Bingo!

Named for a sweet song by the late Sandy Denny, who wrote "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" and so many other wonderful songs before she died at age 31 as a consequence of falling down a flight of stairs.