Ardor Glowing

Ardor Glowing daylily

Ardor Glowing (2014) Espirit de Corp X Tim Kornder

Tetraploid 5”, 30”, EV, Midseason, 4 branches, 18 buds, fertile both ways.  My late friend, Sally Millman Taft, once reported on a visit to Matthew Kaskel's garden and touring his seedling bed.  "Color! Color! Color!" he exclaimed as the First Commandment of selection.  I think of Sally every time I enjoy Ardor Glowing.  It's a deeply saturated coral rose-orange with a faint watermark and a zesty citrus medley throat coloration of orange-lemon-lime.  Rounded, reflexed, lightly ruffled, a dazzling color and a perfect opener.  There is never a day when its color is less than impassioned!

Ardor Glowing in 2013

Ardor Glowing continues my series of daylilies with names derived from the first stanza of the hymn "Come Down O Love Divine" and is the third in the series.


Ardor Glowing