Artist in Residence (Michael Bouman 2021)

Picture of Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence (Michael Bouman 2021) (Captain Marvel X Harold Thomas)

Tetraploid.   5, 26, EM, EV, RE, Ext, 3 branches, 14 buds, easily fertile both ways. Rich blue purple, ruffled and recurved, with a generous lavender eyezone and a double edge of lavender and yellow above a green throat. There are lots of daylilies in this color class and in my collection but I have found this a special joy since the first day it bloomed. As a clump it has a definite presence in the garden, a particular personality coming from its excellent color, form, and consistency. Divisions rebounded easily after a fall transplant. My friend Mike Derrow made the cross and gave me the seeds. He's a retired art teacher, and I wanted a name that would remind me of a friendship that exceeds twenty years.