Bella Bella

Image of Bella Bella

Bella Bella (2018) (Bella Sera seedling X a different Bella Sera seedling)

Tetraploid 5”, 28”, Evergreen, Midseason, Rebloom, 3 branches, 14 buds, fertile pollen, long bloom season into VL.  My friend Paul Aucoin has blessed me over the past twenty years with seeds from his inspired hybridizing program, and I stand in awe of what shows up in the seedling bed.  In this instance, he crossed two seedlings from different backgrounds with Bella Sera and then crossed the best offspring from each cross together.  Thus, the name Bella Bella came into my mind the first day I saw this amazing flower in bloom.  It is a highly saturated and passionate deep rose bitone of impeccable form.  Usually it is in bloom for six weeks.  I have quite a lot of keeper seedlings from spreading this pollen around, including the best pink I have produced in twenty years, and it's a bicolor!