Big Eyed Girl (Michael Bouman 2021)

Picture of Big Eyed Girl

Big Eyed Girl (Michael Bouman 2021) (Arnold's Daughter X Bridgeton Finesse)

Tetraploid.   7, 28, EM, EV, RE, Y branch, 8 buds, fertile both ways. Lavender cream with a 4" violet eyezone outlined purple and a ruffled double edge of lavender and purple. Green throat. Good weather resistance. Big flowers with oversize violet eyes suggest a pathway to blue flowers, so I have used this extensively since selecting it in 2013. Many of the offspring have oversize eyes and, probably due to the genetics of two blue-eyed white parents, there are a lot of vibrant colors and various tints of blue in their oversize eyes. Vigor is moderate; plant habit is "meandering;" garden value is outstanding. This is so much more than a "hybridizer's flower!" The plant sets pods reluctantly; the pollen is crazy good!

Big Eyed Girl trio