Bison Victory

Bison Victory daylily

Bison Victory (Bouman-Baker 2013) Vincero! X Deliberate Pace

Tetraploid 6”, 32”, Sev, Mid-Late, FR, EMO 5 branches, 34 buds, fertile both ways.  Lightly ruffled glowing golden orange apricot with a green throat.  Dimpled surface and firm substance.  This is quite a fine all-around daylily whose only bells and whistles are fabulous color and plant performance.  I wanted to see if Vincero! would transmit its branching in a cross with Whatley's fabulous Deliberate Pace.  Yes!

Bison Victory branches

Despite its appeal in my lineout bed, I thought it wouldn't sell, for want of a more modern widebody look, so I placed it on the Lily Auction and my friend Mary Baker snapped it up, all of the liners save for one plant she allowed me to keep, and started a series of landscape plants for North Dakota State University.  As it turned out, most of the plants below did not survive their first winter at North Dakota State.  Bison Victory is NOT a zone 4 plant! 


Bison Victory cleaned plants