Darcy Farrow (Bouman 2016)

Picture of Darcy Farrow

Darcy Farrow (2016) Arnold's Daughter X Bridgeton Finesse

Tetraploid.   Cream with a washed lavender eyezone and a slightly ruffled and roughed edge of yellow and caramel.  Yellow to green throat.  6, 39, Dormant, Midseason.  3 branches, 26 buds, fertile both ways, beautiful plant habit and foliage.

Named for one of my favorite songs, about a maiden in Nevada who was "the sweetest flower that bloomed o'er the range."  Written by Steve Gillette and Tom Campbell around 1964.  Around then I heard it on a record of Ian and Sylvia and put it in my coffee house repertoire. 

I've recorded the song in my home office in February 2016 using the simplest of equipment.  To listen to it, just click on the image of the guitar I used in the recording.

Lowden guitar