Electric Horseman

Electric Horseman daylily

Electric Horseman (2013) Drums Along the Mohawk X Lemon Parchment

Tetraploid 5.5, 32, Hardy EV, Midseason, Rebloom, 6 branches, 38 buds, fertile both ways but pods take persistence.

Bluish red grape purple with trail dust underlay and “electric” dark veins radiating out from a smudged dark halo.  Triangular yellow to green throat.  This is a leathery, masculine presence in the garden, quite distinctive from the things dominating the daylily market these days.  The sturdy scapes seem veterans of rodeo work, prize money, and fame.  They are muscular but not over-thick.  At sundown, ELECTRIC HORSEMAN is still a firm presence, and in December, when other daylilies have long since put on down vests and hunkered down, the frostproof foliage of ELECTRIC HORSEMAN maintains miraculous green vitality until beaten down by a series of nights in the low twenties.  Highly rust resistant.