Firefly Cove (Bouman 2015)

Picture of Firefly Cove daylily

Firefly Cove (2015) Paha Sapa Thundercloud X Born to Reign

Tetraploid, 5, 40, Dor, ML, 5-6 branches, 22 buds, fertile both ways. Glossy dark cranberry purple with a feathered raspberry rose halo around a yellow to green throat.  Red stamens,  Ruffled petal edges with a gold wire outline. 

If there is a place called Firefly Cove, I think I want to picnic there with a sweet woman in the twilight and watch the fireflies in the gentle air.  Until such a vision becomes reality, this flower, glossier than a show car and with color deeper than 32 coats of hand-rubbed laquer, will have to suffice.  It's a knockout.