Holy Flame Bestowing* (Bouman 2022)

Picture of Holy Flame Bestowing

Holy Flame Bestowing* (2022) (Deliberate Pace sibling X Mark Alan Carpenter

7, 28, Dor, ML, 3 branches, 14 buds, fertile both ways. Heavily ruffled bright golden orange with a faint flame red halo above a gold to olive throat. Flowers have a look of spiritual generosity. Makes hefty plants with thick scapes.

This is the last registration in a series based on the first stanza of the hymn, "Come Down O Love Divine." The stanza continues:
Seek Thou This Soul of Mine
And visit it with thine own Ardor Glowing.
O Comforter Draw Near,
Within my Heart Appear
And kindle it, thy Holy Flame Bestowing.