Keb's Favorite (Bouman 2015)

Picture of Keb's Favorite daylily

Keb's Favorite (2015) Omomuki X (Brazilian Emerald x Victorian Lace)

Tetraploid, 5, 41, Dor, EM, 4 br, 27 buds, fertile both ways.Tall light yellow with a chartreuse cast, excellent in a mass planting. 

If Kathy Bouman had lived long enough to make more than two season's worth of seeds, I believe she would have become an accomplished daylily hybridizer.  To observe her methods of study was to see the makings of a master of the art.  Oh, what a brief, good time we had.  She's on my mind when I sing David Francey's song, "Under the Portland Weather:"

"And I think of you so far away,
And I think of our time together
Under a sky of hodden gray,
Under the Portland weather."

This is how Kathy wanted to be remembered.  I took this portrait a couple of days before she had cancer surgery on her neck in October of 2013.

Image of Kathy Bouman

Kathy's favorite seedling of mine was a beacon of color in the mass planting of our "highland" beds here at Daylily Lay.  It's the bright yellow mass in the center of the picture.  She used the pollen on virtually everything in the garden because she judged it so impressive in the landscape.  It multiples quickly.

mass of Keb's Favorite