Lucille Marie

Image of Lucille Marie

Lucille Marie (2018) (Truly Angelic x (Heartbeat of Heaven x (Come Down O Love Divine x J.T. Davis)))

Tetraploid 5”, 30”, Semi-Evergreen, Mid-Late, 3 branches, 25 buds, fertile both ways. Raspberry and cream yellow bicolor with a slate watermark above a green throat, cream midribs, and a frilly, fuzzy cream yellow edge.  My first dog was named "Shaggy."  The pollen parent of Lucille Marie had a garden name of "My Shaggy Dog" because it was so strange only its owner could love it.  It came from fine parents, to be sure, but the parents' genes couldn't agree on form, color, or size and so presented the world with a monstrosity.  Because of its outstanding genetics, I took its pollen around the garden and was surprised by the distinctive appearance of the kids.  This is the only child of "Shaggy" that I'm releasing, and I'm very happy with it, so happy that I named if for our bicolor poodle, Lucille Marie.  She was a red-haired dog when a puppy, but as she matured the red became butterscotch and the top of her back came in with a sugar frosted look.