Mary Dean Jinkerson

Mary Dean Jinkerson daylily

Mary Dean Jinkerson (Bouman 2013) Round Midnight X Bela Lugosi

Tetraploid 5”, 32”, Dor, Midseason, RE,  4 branches, 17 buds, fertile both ways.  Lightly ruffled dark purple self with a thin white edge surrounding all segments and a green throat.  This is a sibling to Abbey Purple, grown from the same batch of seeds I divided with my friend Mike Derrow.  All the kids in my set of seedlings looked great, and I wondered how I would decide which one to keep.  Rebloom and easy pod fertility made this one the winner.  I was approached by someone in 2013 who wanted to have a daylily named for a special friend.  I sent her pictures of several lined-out seedlings and she and her mother both fell in love with this purple.  I was gratified to be able to fulfill their hopes.