Mom's Mirth

Mom's Mirth dayliily

Mom's Mirth (2010) Collector's Choice X Rose Impact

Tetraploid 6-7, 31, hardy Semi-evergreen to dormant, Early, Rebloom; 4-way branching, 27 buds, fertile both ways, with pods rare. Bright popsicle cherry with a yellow to green throat. This whopper has the enlarged and improved form of the pod parent, COLLECTOR'S CHOICE, which is a sibling to IDA'S MAGIC. It carries the veins of the pollen parent, Oscie Whatley's ROSE IMPACT. Once established, it reblooms reliably and develops a fine scape. I had to transplant this twice one fall to get it out of the way of driveway construction next door. The second transplant was in the first week of December, and my daylily endured without crown damage. Moderate rate of increase, though a vigorous grower.

Named for my late mom's exceptional capacity to find a laugh even when set back by the indignities of old age.