O Comforter Draw Near (Bouman 2015)

Picture of O Comforter Draw Near daylily

O Comforter Draw Near (2015) This Soul of Mine X Unknown

Tetraploid 5, 27, Dor M, 5 br, 24 buds, fertile both ways.  Exquisite blushing cream self with a scalloped edge of light yellow and a strong green throat.  Great plant habit, great foliage. 

I have Curt Hanson's daylily, Virginia B. Hanson, to thank for the overall superiority of the flowers generated from it.  This Soul of Mine was one of the two best overall daylilies in the crop of about 1,800 seedlings evaluated in 2006.  O Comforter Draw Near was one of the three best overally daylilies of the crop I evaluated in 2011.  With heat and humidity, you can see a lot of blushing in this one, as pictured below.

O Comforter Draw Near in blush coloration

The name is taken from the hymn, "Come Down O Love Divine."  I'm naming a daylily for a key phrase of each line of the hymn.  The strong green throat is one of the attractive features of this one.