Peppermint Wind

Peppermint Wind daylily

Peppermint Wind (2007) Kwan Yin x Yesterday Memories

Diploid 7, 29, Dor, Midseason, early morning opener, 18 buds on 4 widely-spaced branches. Clear pink with a big rose halo around a large pastel yellow to green throat. The strong plants produce these dazzling huge flowers for a long time. The cross represents certain sentimental attachments. KWAN YIN is a Chinese Buddhist being who represents the quality of compassion. It was introduced in the mid-60s by Steve Moldovan and my late wife San and I bought it for our Vermont daylily collection thirty years later. YESTERDAY MEMORIES is a delightful flower of the 70s that always seemed to have a lilting quality in the garden. But their age makes this cross, in 1998, something of a throwback to the potentialities of an era when San and I got together. We met when KWAN YIN would have been the latest thing, and we got married when YESTERDAY MEMORIES would have still been a coveted, breakthrough pink daylily.