Piano Grenadine (Bouman 2015)

Picture of Piano Grenadine daylily

Piano Grenadine (2015) Longlesson Liberty Belle X Taos

Tetraploid, 5, 36, Dor, Mid, 5 br, 29 buds, fertile both ways. Warm rose pink with a faint lighter halo around a warm citrus medley throat. 

You can think of the name as an Italian way of saying "soft grenadine" or "hushed grenadine," whatever that may mean, but it really is a whacky title of a poem I wrote while in college, thinking of "granadier" and choosing "grenadine" instead.

For senseless reasons, I had the phrase 3-2-1, Fire! in my mind and wrote:

Three too many wondered why the fire
on the librarian's chin
had not gone out
by noon...

The flower is a lot better than the poem, and I hope you grow it.