Preserved Apricot* (Whatley-Bouman 2023)

Picture of Preserved Apricot

Preserved Apricot* (2023) (Seedling x Tet. Super Purple) X Solar Music)

7, 28, Dor, L, 3 branches, 12 buds, fertile both ways. Orange apricot blend with exceptionally lively color on an outstanding, robust plant.

When I helped liquidate the Whatley garden in 2007 the family allowed me to keep several plants of my choosing. I found this one "parked" on the side of the house away from the main gardens. A bamboo stick next to it had a plastic tag affixed to it with the selection number corresponding to Oscie Whatley's Deliberate Pace. 

I thought it was Deliberate Pace until ten years later when I studied Oscie's garden notebooks, price lists, and color slides. There were a lot of pictures of Deliberate Pace because it was one of his favorites, but my plant didn't match those pictures. I found Deliberate Pace from another source and grew it for comparison. It matched Oscie's pictures and it turned out to be a mid-season bloomer, while my plant is a late season bloomer.

I am convinced Preserved Apricot was a beloved keepsake sibling of Deliberate Pace. I think it deserves a name.

Preserved Apricot clump