Ride a Weathervane (Bouman 2015)

Picture of Ride a Weathervane

Ride a Weathervane (2015) Clouds of Glory X Bridgeton Bishop

Tetraploid Magenta rose with a large yellow watermark leading down to a green heart.  Open form, recurved,  a soaring impression.  6.5, 34, EV, M, RE, 5-6 way, 26 buds 

I have called this watermark yellow, but in some weather I see this as a large yellow throat banded in two shades of lavender and violet.  What struck me when I selected it was the impression of birds in flight on the well-spaced scapes.

Soaring impression of the flowers

The name is the title of a song I wrote for my infant daughter, Jennifer.  I'd written a poem in which I referred to "a girl with a little face riding a weathervane."  The song's refrain goes, "Ride a weathervane, ride a weathervane, the wind, it will blow it, I'll come if you call."

I made a home recording of Ride a Weathervane after Valentine's Day, 2016.  If you want to listen, just click the image of my guitar below.

Gibson guitar