San Picked Me

San Picked me photo

San Picked Me (2006) Chicago Apache x Brave One

Tetraploid, 5, 29, Dor, EM, 3 branches, 13 buds, fertile both ways

I hesitated to register a daylily with form and bud count that are not "competitive." However, after watching this every day in the front of my home in 2006, I decided to validate what is an excellent performer in the mixed perennial garden. Although the bud count is consistently 13, this cultivar remains in bloom almost four weeks. The color is sunfast in St. Louis, and the dark cherry color is appealing in late afternoon with temperatures above 90. The foliage is virtually blemish-free, and the clump shows nice proportion overall. Flowers open soon after breakfast and remain good into the darkness. The plant grows vigorously and increases rapidly.  The picture of my clump below demonstrates the excellent concentration of color and floral presentation of SAN PICKED ME. 

San Picked Me clump

I registered this one for my 30th wedding anniversary with Sandra Bouman in 2006. San loved the reds, and she urged me to keep this one. Hence the name, 'San Picked Me'.