Santuario (Bouman 2016)

Picture of Santuario

Santuario (2016) Vertical Horizon X Fantasy Eyes

Tetraploid, 6, 28, Dormant, Early-midseason.  Top branched, 16 to 20+ buds.  Rapid increase, proliferations, fertile both ways.   Near white with a startling blue-violet eyezone outlined in a thick feathered edge of magenta, with a pronounced peak in the pattern on the sepals.  Violet picotee with a wire edge of light lavender.  Burnt orange to green throat. 

Something about this eye stares at me like an "Ojo de Dios" in the art of Northern New Mexico, and so I thought of the Sanctuario at Chimayo, where so many believers have been healed of their afflictions.