Santuario (Bouman 2016)

Picture of Santuario

Santuario (2016) Vertical Horizon X Fantasy Eyes

Tetraploid.   Near white with a startling blue-violet eyezone outlined in a thick feathered edge of magenta, with a pronounced peak in the pattern on the sepals.  Violet picotee with a wire edge of light lavender.  Burnt orange to green throat.  6, 28, Dormant, Early-midseason.  Top branched, 16 to 20+ buds.  Rapid increase, proliferations, fertile both ways.

Something about this eye stares at me like an "Ojo de Dios" in the art of Northern New Mexico, and so I thought of the Sanctuario at Chimayo, where so many believers have been healed of their afflictions.