Symphony Chorus

Symphony Chorus daylily

Symphony Chorus (2010) Mandala X Rose Impact

Tetraploid 4.5, 30, Dormand, EM, Dormant, EM, 4-way branching, 34 buds, early morning opener, fertile both ways.

Polychrome of melon, pink, and lavender with a bright strawberry band above a citrus combo of orange and lime green in the throat. Zowie! This is a goodie! There's some subtle rose veining from Rose Impact, some salmon and yellow around the edges, some lavender blue in the midribs. With such a symphony of color in a clump of this darling girl, I couldn't help but think of the St. Louis Symphony Chorus, with which I've concertized since 1998.

Color will vary with heat and humidity. Sometimes this may evoke memories of the MING PORCELAIN grandparent. Sometimes you'll see a "salmon pink" daylily, sometimes a "blushing melon." There's also a strong familial resemblance to David Kirchhoff's ROSES WITH PEACHES.  Any way you look at it, this one will turn your head and make you smile.

Available only to gardeners who are never indifferent to the music they choose, and especially to those who sing.