This Soul of Mine

This Soul of Mine daylily

This Soul of Mine (2013) Catalina X Virginia B. Hanson

Tetraploid, 6", 28", Dor, EM, 5 branches, 22 buds, fertile both ways. Ruffled pink alabaster with a gently reflexed surface; muted rouge halo and a silver lavender midrib above a yellow to green throat.  When I first saw This Soul of Mine bloom as a seedling on 32” scapes, I recognized a sense of sweetness and self possession in the big, rounded surface with the muted halo.  I think the color quality is owed to the gorgeous alabaster tones of the pollen parent, Virginia B. Hanson, which shades the pink away from over-sweetness on the one hand and salmon tones on the other.  The plant is sturdy, healthy, and vigorous.  It was one of the best overall daylilies in its seedling class of 2000 plants and is the pod parent of the best overall daylily of the 150 keepers I flagged in 2011.