Twilight Incense (Bouman 2015)

Twilight Incense daylily 

Twilight Incense (2015) Centrifugal Forces X Clarification

Tetraploid, 5, 29, Dor, M, 4 br, 23 bc, fertile both ways. Recurved creamy pink with a sense of vibrant explosion in a purple eyezone around a burnt orange to yellow to green throat.  Purple picotee. Fine plant and scape. 

Don Jerabek's Centrifugal Forces provided the "eye energy" in this cross and Richard Norris's Clarification provided (what else?) clear color.  In the garden this cultivar has a distinct personality any plant lover will appreciate.  The scape placement above those clean leaves is ideal.  The plant has been an effortless grower these past several years, demonstrating a quality of "garden value" that I want to make available to other gardeners.

Clump of Twilight Incense daylily