Virginia City (Bouman 2015)

Picture of Virginia City

Virginia City (2015) Bridgeton Finesse X Vertical Horizon

Tetraploid, 5, 30, Dor, M, RE, 6 br, 33 bc, fertile both ways, EMO 

Warm cream outlined purple with a vibrant feathered and notched eyezone of purple above a band of veined burnt orange and a lemon yellow to green throat.  Great scape and plant habit. 

In the song "Darcy Farrow" by Steve Gilette and Tom Campbell, the final stanza goes,
"They sing of Darcy Farrow where the Truckee runs through,
They sing of her beauty in Virginia City, too.
At dusty sundown to her name they drink a round
And to young Vandy whose love was true."

I've never been to Virginia City, but Kathy Bouman made sure I saw the Truckee on our last trip to California.  Now that Kathy is gone, I hope to see Virginia City with Karen Berry.

It was difficult selecting the best from this cross because every one of the seedlings had great plant habit, great scape, and excellent garden value.