Your Warming Embrace (Bouman 2016)

Picture of Your Warming Embrace

Your Warming Embrace (2016) ((Betty Warren Woods X Persimmon Punch) x Butter Cream) X Pearl Harbor

Tetraploid, 6, 33, Dormant, Midseason, Rebloom. 4 branches, 35 buds, fertile both ways, easy pods.   Glowing golden orange with a ruffled orange edge. 

Oscie Whatley's Persimmon Punch was in the starter collection of his daylilies that he gave me with I moved to St. Louis in 1995.  The mission of my hybridizing became the exploitation of Oscie's cultivars, going to mates he wasn't using.  I got a nice bright yellow from my cross to Munson's Betty Warren Woods, but it needed a better scape.  Crossing that seedling with Oscie's Butter Cream gave me rich color and a better scape, but I still wasn't satisfied with the way it lay when it opened in the morning.  A cross with Bob Carr's Pearl Harbor improved the line further and solved the opening problem, giving me one of the three best overall seedlings in a crop of 2,000. 

Given the parentage, it is not surprising that this cultivar expresses the aesthetics of twenty years ago.  It's not the latest thing.  And yet, if you plant this in a mixed perennial garden, you will be drawn to it and you will love it as I do.

Your Warming Embrace