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Michael Bouman
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St. Peters, MO 63376
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About Daylily Lay

Daylily Lay is the name of a gardening passion. It's a whimsical name, lest I take myself too seriously.  In Bob Dylan's Lay Lady, Lay there's a "big brass bed."  Here, there's a big grass bed.  My wife Karen helps with the daylilies and manages extensive plantings of many other things to attract birds, butterflies, and bees. 


View of the back yard 2017

The primary joy of this property is the small lake and the waterfowl who use it year-round.

View of the lake from left side 2017

 Karen and I grow 800 varieties of daylilies and have realized we grow hundreds too many!  We want to provide the plants with plenty of space between them. Space promotes enjoyment.  Crowding promotes anxiety.  Early on summer mornings, I'm out there crossing one daylily with another in the hope of producing special new ones.

View from the Right Side 2017

My seedling starter beds are in the forground in ten strips going down the slope to the lake.  After three seasons the "keepers" from each crop of 2000 are moved to another bed and the rest are removed to make room for another crop.  There are always about 6000 seedlings on the slope.

I register my best hybrids with the American Daylily Society (ADS).  Plants are available only by mail via internet sales or through my donations to garden clubs.  I do not operate a nursery, and there are no direct sales.  Visitors are welcome during bloom season.  Mornings are the best time to enjoy the gardens.  Please call ahead.

I enjoy giving talks to garden clubs anywhere in North America. 

Ordering Information

Please contact me before sending an order, as supplies are limited.  I ship USPS Priority Mail. Postage cost is $10 plus $3 for each additional plant. 

2024 Introductions

Dream Whisperer picture Dream Whisperer  (2024) (Stardust Heiress X Only in Dreams) Diploid. 6, 34, Sev, ML, 4-6 branches, 27 buds, cool morning opener. Ruffled blue lavender bitone with a cream midrib above a green throat. Special color! $100 double fan.
Frieda Wiese picture Frieda Wiese  (2024) 6.5, 30, Sev, EM, RE, 3 branches, 10 buds, fertile both ways. (City Center X Big Eyed Girl) Ruffled pale lavender with a large blue eye outlined purple above a burnt orange to yellow to green throat, with a two-tone narrow border of purple and blue. FRIEDA WIESE carries the clear colors and oversize blue eye from Big Eyed Girl, and it has been a very good parent for me. Rebloom gives the plant a long season of beauty. $100 double fan.
No Kidding picture No Kidding* (2024) 7, 30, Sev, EM, 2 branches, 16 buds, fertile both ways, very clean plant. (Hanne's Electric Orange X Vitamin C) Ruffled medium orange red with gold midribs and an outlined gold watermark above a dark green throat. Rebounds beautifully after transplant. $100 double fan
Oracle of Reason picture Oracle of Reason* (2024) 5, 32, EV, M, 3 branches, 16 buds, fertile both ways, hefty proliferations on most scapes, establishes very well. (Camshaft X (Desire of Nations x Tet Paw Print)) Ruffled purple with a blue eye and an edge of blue and silver above a orange, yellow, and green throat. Great genetics, thanks to my friend Dan Robarts. This cultivar and its sibling HOUSE OF MIRRORS are the only two in the market with Tet. Paw Print in the parentage. $100 double fan
Roll Over Beethoven picture Roll Over Beethoven* (2024) (Virginia City X Yoga Man) 6, 31, Dor, M, RE, 3 branches, 10 buds, fertile both ways. Cream with a large blue eye outlined purple and a double edge of purple and blue. Rebloom gives it a good long season of bloom for the breeding workout it deserves. It's a step ahead in my work for big blue eyes! $125 double fan
Shades of Meaning picture Shades of Meaning* (2024) (Cheyenne Marie X Crintonic In Living Color) 5, 26, Sev, M, 4 branches, 23 buds. Good scape density in a clump. Coral rose blend with subtle tangerine streaks flanking a lavender midrib above a throat of orange, yellow, and green. These fetching colors are unusual and always prompt a second look by garden visitors. $100 double fan
Sophia's Wonderful Dream picture Sophia's Wonderful Dream* (2024) (Mabou X The Ultimate Sacrifice) 5.5, 30, Sev, M, RE, CMO, 5 branches, 20 buds. Glossy deep red with pink watermark, bright green throat, and wavy ruffles of cream gold. Brings together the hardy dormant AM winner MABOU by Melanie Mason with a gorgeous evergreen by Larry Grace. $100 double fan

The Library at Daylily Lay

From time to time I write about daylilies or daylily people. The Library at Daylily Lay is a download area for PDF files of the pieces I have saved.

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