Previous Introductions

Many of my previous intros are available from my friend Laura Hood's "Nature's Melody Nursery." If you are looking for something I don't have in stock here, I hope you'll check out her excellent website.

A Balm in Gilead picture A Balm in Gilead (Ruffled Bouquet Deluxe X Inimitable) Tetraploid. Cream and pink polychrome with a ruffled hacksaw edge of green gold. Green throat. 6, 31, Sev, ML, 5 branches, 28 buds. Vigorous and clean plant, a knockout in the garden. My good friend Mike Derrow made this cross and sent me sprouted seedlings a few years ago when I had a poor seed harvest. $75 double fan.
A Man Called Paladin picture A Man Called Paladin (2018) (Sleepy Hollow X Dakar) Tetraploid 5.5”, 36”, Evergreen, Midseason, 4 branches, 24 buds, fertile both ways.  Highly saturated black purple of thick substance, with tight ruffles, a double picotee of red and white, a ring of orange and red above a green throat, and red extending up the midribs.   DISPLAY
A Thousand Kisses Deep picture A Thousand Kisses Deep (Love Conquers All X (Mohican Chief x Chosen Ruler)) Tetraploid. Highly saturated red self of thick substance, green throat. This cultivar is all about the love of color, with no distracting bling. Hardy, vigorous plants. 5.5, 33, Dor, M, 4 branches, 19 buds, fertile both ways. $75 double fan
Picture of Abbey Purple daylilyAbbey Purple (Bouman-Derrow, 2010) (Round Midnight X Bela Lugosi) Tetraploid. 6.5" vibrant purple flowers, difficult to photograph accurately.  Hardy semi-evergreen with 38" scapes, 4-way branching, and 35 buds.  Early midseason and early-opening flowers.  Transmits the plant habit and branching that comes from two of the best purple parents.  Fertile both ways, but pods are scarce in field hybridizing.  Selected and registered by my friend, Mike Derrow, who grew half of this cross at his garden in northern West Virginia.  A few plants are available here at $20 double fan.
Image of An Old Fashioned Waltz daylilyAn Old Fashioned Waltz (2016) (Volver X Enchanted Forest)   Tetraploid.  Melon chiffon pink with a tangy ruffled yellow edge and a warm "citrus medley" (orange to yellow to green) throat.  6, 24, Dormant, Midseason.  4 branches, 23 buds.  Wonderful plant! DISPLAY
Ardor GlowingArdor Glowing (2014) (Espirit de Corp X Tim Kornder)  Tetraploid 5”, 30”, EV, Midseason, 4 branches, 18 buds, fertile both ways.  Ruffled, rounded reddish coral orange blend with a citrus medley throat of orange, yellow, and greeen.   DISPLAY
Background Check picture Background Check (2019) ((Reach for the Sky x Nick of Time) X (Arnold's Daughter x Blue Desire))   Tetraploid 7”, 30”, Dormant, Midseason, 2 branches, 14 buds, fertile both ways.  Medium purple with a variable patterned lavender eyezone above a yellow to green throat. Something may emerge in a background check...a shadow from the past, a failure of respect, a lie, a wardrobe error. Who is without those shadows, and years later, what do they weigh? I owe this one to seeds from Dan Robarts.   $50 double fan
Bella Bella pictureBella Bella (2018) (Seedling x Seedling) Tetraploid, 5”, 28”, Evergreen, Midseason, Rebloom, 3 branches, 14 buds, fertile pollen, long bloom season into VL. highly saturated and passionate deep rose bitone of impeccable form.  Usually it is in bloom for six weeks. Pollen fertile, great parent!  $50 double fan
Bible Grove (2008) (Michael Vaden x Fudge Sundae) x (Tuscawilla Blackout x Court Magician) Tetraploid. 5" black purple satin flowers with a white picotee and a ring of red fire around a yellow-to-green throat. Vigorous plants with a 37" scape. Six-way branching and 27 buds. Hardy EV in zone 5 but not in zone 4. Fertile both ways. Winner of the 2015 Region 11 Hybridizer Award. $50 double fan.
Bicycle Built for Blues picture Bicycle Built for Blues (2019) (Vertical Horizon X Blue Beetle)   Tetraploid 5”, 36”, Dormant, Midseason, 4 branches, 24 buds, fertile both ways.  Creamy orchid pink with a startling dark blue eyezone outlined in magenta. The throat is a medley of citrus colors beginning with burnt orange blending to lemon and ending with lime. There’s some dark veining and a thin double picotee of magenta and blue.   $75 double fan
Billie J.Billie J. (2014) (Mohican Chief X Betty Ford)  Tetraploid, 5”, 30”, EV, M, 5 branches, 21 buds, fertile both ways.  Intense cardinal red with pale orange halo deep within the yellow to green throat. Excellent plant habit and clump appearance. My best red to date.  Very limited.  DISPLAY
Bison VictoryBison Victory (Bouman-Baker, 2013) (Vincero! X Deliberate Pace)  Tetraploid, 6", 32", Sev, ML, 5 branches, 34 buds, EMO, FR, fertile both ways. Gently reflexed blend of yellow, apricot, and orange.  Registered and introduced by Mary Baker, who bought my seedling. DISPLAY
Blessing Angel picture Blessing Angel (Dragonfly Dawn X Heather Grace)  Tetraploid. Pale lavender pink cream with a "ghost eye" of barely visible blue. The eye becomes visible in cooler weather. There is a special mystique about this cultivar! 6, 37, Sev, EM, 4 widely-spaced branches, 20 buds, easily fertile both ways. $75 double fan
Blues in the News picture Blues in the News (Thibodaux Tantalizer x Seedling)  Tetraploid. Distinctive bruin pink with a variable-color blue eye and varying pattern effects, with icy sparks on the midrib in the green throat area. Tough as a hockey pro and a great grower. 6, 40, Dor, M, 4-5 widely-spaced branches, 23 buds, fertile both ways. From seeds given to me by my friend, Paul Aucoin. $75 double fan
Image of Broken Hearted Melody daylily Broken Hearted Melody (2015) (Desiree X Belle of Ashwood)  Tetraploid, a beguiling lavender rouge with caramel toothy edge and a ghostly halo above a bright yellow to green throat.  5.5, 35, Dor, M, 5 br, 36 buds, fertile both ways. Wonderful plant habit!  DISPLAY
Button Bay picture Button Bay (2019) (Precious Candy X Texas Blue Eyes)   Tetraploid 4.5”, 28”, Semi-evergreen, Early Midseason, 3 branches, 12 buds, fertile both ways.  Cream lavender with a medium violet eye that covers almost the entire face of the flower, 3.5 inches! Burnt orange to green throat. Ruffled double edge. Since this is not a large flower, I have barely explored the potential to transmit that oversize eye to succeeding generations. Consistent form and perfect morning opening suggest its value in breeding for oversize and “blue” eyes.   $50 double fan
Celtic Style pictureCeltic Style (2018) (Greek Effect X J.T. Davis)  Tetraploid, 5”, 32”, Dormant, Midseason, 4 branches, 26 buds, easily fertile both ways.  Cream with a strong infusion of chartreuse, lighter grooved midribs, ruffled yellow edge, and a green throat.  Plants are impressive in the garden and the flowers have a luscious presence never lacking in green. $75 double fan
Chief Glenna, Eastern Shawnee (2011) (Ferengi Gold x Soft Summer Night)
 Tetraploid, 6", 32", Dormant, Midseason, EMO, 3 branches, 16 buds, instant rebloom, fertile both ways. Ruffled coral rose self with a darker halo, lavender midribs, orange braid and green throat.  Rapid increase.  This was selected by my friend, Glenna Wallace, the first woman to be elected Chief of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.  DISPLAY
Clamdigger Blues picture Clamdigger Blues (2019) (Footprints in the Sand X Pleasing to the Eye)   Tetraploid 5.5”, 34”, Semi-evergreen, Midseason, Rebloom, 3 branches, 20 buds, fertile both ways.  Beach sand white with a sandy lavender eyezone and a hemstitched two-color edge above a yellow to green throat. Makes a nice clump and overall impression. Clamdiggers were a fashion hit when my sister and I were in our mid-teens back in 1960. I wore them once or twice and never again. $50 double fan
Come Down O Love Divine (2012) (Butter Cream x Victorian Lace) Tetraploid. 6.75", 43", Dormant, Midseason, EMO, 3 branches, 17 buds, easily fertile both ways. Heavily ruffled pale yellow cream with high reflecting power.  A clump dominates a garden.  Really special.  Honorable Mention Award, 2018. DISPLAY.
ConstantStranger picture Constant Stranger (2019) (Rings of Wonder X Aliens in the Garden)  Tetraploid 5”, 24”, Dormant, Midseason, 5 branches, 25 buds, fertile both ways.  It all comes down to consistency when you try to breed for patterns in my climate. This one is good! Deep reddish purple with lavender midribs and a consistent multi-colored patterned eye. Vigorous and dependable plants. The name is snatched from a Joni Mitchell song. $50 double fan
Court and Spark picture Court and Spark (2017) (Sound and Fury X Collier) Tetraploid, 5, 37, Dor, Mid, 4 branches, 24 buds, pollen fertile, some rebloom.   Fiery red orange with darker halo and veins above a gold to olive green throat.  Fine plant habit, health, vigor, and scape density make this an ideal color accent in a mixed perennial garden.   $50 double fan
Craftsbury pictureCraftsbury (2017) ((Cast Your Net x Thibodaux Tantalizer) X Point of Divergence) Tetraploid, 4.5, 30, Dor, EM, RE, 4 branches, 24 buds, fertile both ways.  Blush alabaster with a webbed purple halo and a citrus medley throat. Purple picotee and gold wire edge around the petal tips.   The neatness of the face brought to mind a beautiful small town in Vermont.  Fine plant habit and increase.  DISPLAY
Dad's Dress Whites picture Dad's Dress Whites (2019) (Frostbite Falls X (Sherry Lane Carr x Moment in the Sun))  Tetraploid, 5”, 29”, Evergreen, Mid-Late, 6 branches, 34 buds, fertile both ways.  Crisp, vigorous, consistent, dependable near white with a fancy gold edge and a general infusion of green. Named in honor of naval service personnel like my father, who served in North Africa in World War II. He broke his leg in a traffic accident and was hospitalized for 18 months before being honorably discharged as a disabled veteran. $75 double fan. DISPLAY.
David and Alan (2005) 5" Dormant diploid for the mid-late season from Carlotta x Catherine Neal. 25" tall, 4 branches, 25 buds, proliferations on mature fans.  The color is a bold, saturated cherry violet blend with flashing white midribs near the green throat.  Always opens early, even after a cool night. Although dormant, it is also tender in zone 4, with iffy survival there.  Best in zone 6 and warmer.  DISPLAY
Darcy Farrow daylilyDarcy Farrow (2016) (Arnold's Daughter X Bridgeton Finesse)  Tetraploid, Cream with a washed lavender eyezone and a slightly ruffled and roughed edge of yellow and caramel.  Yellow to green throat.  6, 39, Dormant, Midseason.  3 branches, 26 buds, fertile both ways, beautiful plant habit and foliage.  DISPLAY
Divine BallerinaDivine Ballerina (2016) (Come Down O Love Divine X Ballerina On Ice)  Tetraploid, Heavily ruffled clear lemon yellow with minor sculpting on the surface, recurved, with a small dark green throat and grooved cream yellow midribs.  6, 39, Dormant, Mid-late.  6 branches, typically down the scape, 27 buds, fertile both ways.  This takes a couple of seasons to establish, but, oh brother, it will steal your heart when it does!  $75 double fan.
Early Morning Rain pictureEarly Morning Rain (2017) (Cerise Masterpiece X Heartbeat of Heaven)  Tetraploid, 5.5, 38, EV, Mid, 5 branches, 32 buds, pollen fertile.  Medium lavender with a cream watermark like a "pocketfull of sand" and a melodious ruffled cream edge.  Homage to the great Canadian songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot.  DISPLAY
Electric HorsemanElectric Horseman (2013) (Drums Along the Mohawk X Lemon Parchment)   Tetraploid 5.5”, 32”, EV, Midseason, RE, 6 branches, 38 buds, fertile both ways but pods take persistence.  Bluish red grape purple with trail dust underlay and “electric” dark veins radiating out from a smudged dark halo.  Triangular yellow to green throat.  DISPLAY
Firefly Cove daylilyFirefly Cove (2015) (Paha Sapa Thundercloud X Born to Reign)  Tetraploid, Glossy dark cranberry purple with a feathered raspberry rose halo around a yellow to green throat.  Red stamens,  Ruffled petal edges with a gold wire outline.  5, 40, Dor, ML, 5-6 branches, 22 buds, fertile both ways.  DISPLAY.
Frank Sechs pictureFrank Sechs (2017) (Intelligent Design X Clarification)  Tetraploid, 5.5, 29, Dor, EM, RE, 4 branches, 20 buds, fertile both ways.  Named for the male lead in a series of little stories I wrote for a circle of friends just before Y2K, the daylily is not exactly a "private" eye.  Clarity and intensity of color brought this into the keeper bed.  Lavender pink with a color-seeping dark grape purple eye and a zone in the upper throat with jags of burnt orange above a yellow to green center.  Purple picotee.  DISPLAY
Full Moon BayFull Moon Bay (2016) (Mee Ying X Cerise Masterpiece)  Tetraploid, Medium lavender with a large notched watermark of melon cream around a gold to lime green throat.  Tightly ruffled yellow edge.  5.5, 28, Evergreen, Mid-Late.  4 branches, 26 buds, fertile both ways, easy pods.  Makes me think of the moonlight in an imaginary harbor somewhere on the coast of California.    DISPLAY
Picture of Goodnight Kisses daylilyGoodnight Kisses (2010) (David and Alan X Party Pinafore) Diploid. Dormant 5" deep cherry pink-red flowers with much lighter ruffled edges and curvalicious rounding.  Wonderful, hardy grower in the mid-late season with 30" scapes. Early morning opener.  Excellent 5-way branching and 21 buds.    DISPLAY
Heart AppearHeart Appear (2015) (Cosmic Odyssey X Point of Divergence)  Tetraploid, Bright lavender pink with a dark violet eye showing concentric rings of varied color down to a citrus medley throat of burnt orange, yellow, and green.  Slightly ruffled double edge of dark violet and lavender.  4, 23, EV, M 4 branches, 21 buds, fertile both ways.    $30 double fan
Herds of Black PianosHerds of Black Pianos (2015) (Abbey Purple X Dakar)  Tetraploid, Coal black purple with a red ring around a yellow to green throat.  Red anthers.  5, 29, EV, ML, 5-6 br, 21 bc.  Branched down the scape.  DISPLAY.
Honey-do List picture Honey-do List (Kissed by Magic X seedling)   Tetraploid. 5, 24, Dor, E, RE, 2 branches, 15 buds, wonderfully fertile both ways, bearing many seeds per pod and providing an endless variety of keepers in the seedlings. Pastel yellow with a feathered dark purple eye and a prim and precise double edge of purple and lavender. From Paul Aucoin's seed gift to me. $75 double fan
I Like You and I Love You picture I Like You and I Love You (2019) (Hoochie Coochie Man X (Soul of Fire x Glory in Red)) Tetraploid 6.5”, 29”, Semi-evergreen, Midseason, Rebloom, 3 branches, 12 buds, fertile both ways.  Ruffled bright red self with a green throat and a slight hint of a white picotee. A friend of the family chose this daylily as an anniversary gift for her husband and she chose the name as well. It is my largest bright red daylily. I am holding the remainder of the plant for increase for another year or two. Held for increase in 2021.
Image of Keb's Favorite daylilyKeb's Favorite (2015) (Omomuki X (Brazilian Emerald x Victorian Lace))   Tetraploid Tall light yellow with a chartreuse cast, excellent in a mass planting.  5, 41, Dor, EM, 4 br, 27 buds, fertile both ways.  My late wife's hands-down favorite of my future registrations.   $50 double fan
Image of Lady Alisha daylilyLady Alisha (2009) (Sherry Lane Carr X Ballerina On Ice)   Tetraploid 5", 32", Semi-evergreen, Early, 20 buds, four-way branching. Cream yellow blend with bright yellow ruffles and a dark green throat. Fertile both ways.  DISPLAY
Liz Paine (2011) (Rose Fireglow X (Victorian Days x Rose Impact))) Tetraploid. Semi-evergreen, EM, 5", 23",  EMO, fertile both ways. Bright and clean rose self with a ghostly lavender watermark around a yellow to green throat.  Complex edge of white and gold replete with hooks.  DISPLAY
Lucille Marie pictureLucille Marie (2018) (Truly Angelic X seedling)  Tetraploid, 5”, 30”, Semi-Evergreen, Mid-Late, 3 branches, 25 buds, fertile both ways. Raspberry and cream yellow bicolor with a slate watermark above a green throat, cream midribs, and a frilly, fuzzy cream yellow edge.    Held for increase in 2021.
Maple ButterMaple Butter (2013) (Pearl Harbor X Sassy Sally)  Tetraploid, 5.5”, 29”, Dor, EM, 5 branches, 36 buds, fertile both ways.  Ruffled butter yellow with infusion of rose amber across the petals and concentrated around the petal edges.  Green throat.  Great vigor and rapid increase! DISPLAY
Mary Dean JinkersonMary Dean Jinkerson (2013) (Round Midnight X Bela Lugosi)  Tetraploid, 5", 32", Dor, M, RE, 4 branches, 17 buds, fertile both ways. Rich dark purple with a thin white edge.  Full sib to Abbey Purple with half the bud count compensated by rebloom and much easier pod-setting.  DISPLAY 
Meeting at the RiverMeeting at the River (2014) (((Victorian Days x Chance Encounter) x Butter Cream) X Lavender Heartthrob)  Tetraploid, 6”, 31”, Dor, EM, 4 branches, 18 buds, fertile both ways.  Medium lavender bitone with cream midribs and a butter yellow watermark around a green throat. DISPLAY 
Melanie Leigh picture Melanie Leigh (2019) (Rock Solid X Bridgeton Finesse) Tetraploid 5”, 27”, Dormant, Early, 2 branches, 17 buds, fertile both ways.  Cream with an oversize medium violet eyezone and a gnarly double edge of cream and violet above a gold to olive throat. Vigorous, fine grower, and a scape factory when in clump strength. Named for a former voice student of my late wife Sandra and a long-time friend of the family. $50 double fan
Picture of Mom's Mirth daylilyMom's Mirth (2010) (Collector's Choice X Rose Impact) Tetraploid. 6-7" bright popsicle cherry with darker veins.  31" tall, early morning opener, hardy Semi-evergreen to dormant that has survived an early December move.  Four-way branching, 27 buds, reliable rebloom here.  Fertile both ways, but pods are scarce.  DISPLAY 
Naples LaTour pictureNaples LaTour (2017) (Best Kept Secret x Rose Impact) X Sassy Sally)   Tetraploid 5.5, 28, Dor, EM, 3 branches, 12 buds (blooms over a month), pollen fertile.  Named for the female lead in stories I wrote for a circle of friends just before Y2K.  I've been waiting a long, long time for the right daylily for the unique young woman, Naples LaTour.  Round baby ribbon pink bitone of heavy substance with blunt sepals of creamy melon pink.  Grooved texture emerges from a throat of melon, orange, lemon, and bright green.  Cream midribs.  Distinctive narrow fountain foliage.   DISPLAY
Image of O Comforter Draw NearO Comforter Draw Near (2015) (This Soul of Mine X Unknown) Tetraploid, Exquisite blushing cream self with a scalloped edge of light yellow and a strong green throat.  Great plant habit, great foliage.  5, 27, Dor M, 5 br, 24 buds, fertile both ways.    $50 double fan
Paul's BlessingPaul's Blessing (2014) (Rose Masterpiece X Ballerina On Ice)  Tetraploid, 6”, 36”, Dor, EM, 4 branches, 20 buds, fertile both ways.  Ruffled creamy melon rose pink open form, often reflexed, with grooved midrib of white lavender and a gold to olive throat, color varies with temperature and humidity from pastel to glowing orange chiffon.  This plant came from seeds given to me by my friend, Paul Aucoin, and is named for the Sanskrit blessing, "Shantih," with which Paul always used to end his emails.  DISPLAY
Peppermint Wind (2007) (Kwan Yin x Yesterday Memories) Diploid early morning opener, 29" tall, 7" flowers, Dormant, Midseason, 18 buds on 4 widely-spaced branches. The scape can look quite impressive, as both parents had great branching. Clear pink with a big rose halo around a large pastel yellow to green throat. The petals present a pinched crispate appearance typical of the "unusual form" class, but I decided not to register Peppermint Wind as a UF. To me, it's just a big, beautiful "open" form. DISPLAY 
Piano Grenadine daylilyPiano Grenadine (2015) (Longlesson Liberty Belle X Taos)  Tetraploid, Warm rose pink with a faint lighter halo around a warm citrus medley throat.  5, 36, Dor, Mid, 5 br, 29 buds, fertile both ways.   Great plant habit.  $50 double fan
Pillow Books picturePillow Books (2017) (Great White X Butter Cream)  Tetraploid, 7, 34, Dor, EM, terminal Y branch, 16 buds.  California King-sized ruffled near white with exceptional garden presence when grown in a clump or a mass.  The overall reflecting surface is like a gigantic bed with happily ruffled linens.  Fertile!    DISPLAY
Puppuccino Morning picturePuppuccino Morning (2018) (Come Down O Love Divine X First Knight)   Tetraploid 6”, 33”, Dormant, Midseason, Rebloom, 3 branches, 16 buds, fertile both ways, long bloom season into VL, high resistance to rust.  Is it cream or is it palest yellow?  It can be both in my garden.  What makes this special to me is the pacing of its rebloom period, overlapping initial bloom and keeping the flowers coming until just about everything else has bloomed out.  Flowers have a ruffled yellow edge and plants are beefy.  $50 double fan
Image of Rainy Night in GeorgiaRainy Night in Georgia (2016) (Intelligent Design X Cosmic Odyssey) Tetraploid, Veined dark reddish purple with a notched dark violet eyezone and a bright green throat surrounded by a zone of burnt orange.  5.5, 31, Dormant, Early midseason, rebloom, cool morning opener.   5 branches widely spaced, 20 buds, fertile both ways.   $30 double fan
Receding Memory picture Receding Memory (2019) (Bridgeton Finesse X Precious Candy)   Tetraploid 5”, 35”, Dormant, Midseason, 4-5 branches, 27 buds, fertile both ways.  Cream pink with lavender eye and ruffled edge of lavender and yellow above a green throat, the entire face “veiled” in a greenish hue. Cream midribs. Beautiful plant habit and sturdy plants with very attractive flowers distinguished by the mysterious veil. Depending on the weather, the ruffled edge shows cream yellow “claws” and the veil varies, too.  DISPLAY.
Ride a WeathervaneRide A Weathervane (2015) (Clouds of Glory X Bridgeton Bishop)  Tetraploid, Magenta rose with a large yellow watermark leading down to a green heart.  Open form, recurved,  a soaring impression.  6.5, 34, EV, M, RE, 5-6 way, 26 buds   DISPLAY
Ring Them Bells pictureRing Them Bells (Benbow-Bouman, 2017) (Passing By X (South Seas x Rose Fireglow))   Tetraploid.  5, 36, Dor, Mid, 5 branches, 35 buds, pollen fertile.  Red coral with a tangy yellow to green throat.  A fabulous garden plant from the hybridizing of my friend, Bob Benbow, and registered with his permission.  $40 double fan.
Sainte Genevieve (2009) (Tuscawilla Blackout X Rose Impact) Tetraploid. 4.5" cherry orchid blend with a cream midrib and green throat. Scape is 31", 24 buds, fertile both ways, showy in clump strength. Donated to a Ste. Genevieve heritage organization to use as a fund-raiser.  DISPLAY
San Picked Me (2006) (Chicago Apache' x 'Brave One) This 5" deep cherry tetraploid is a gratifying color accent in a mixed perennial garden, looking nice from March until frost and remaining in bloom nearly a month. This was a 30th anniversary present for my late wife, Sandra, who died of breast cancer in 2008.   $20 double fan.
SantuarioSantuario (2016) (Vertical Horizon x Fantasy Eyes)   Tetraploid, Near white with a riveting large deep violet eyezone and strong green throat.  Violet picotee and more complex pattern on the sepals.  6, 28, Dormant, EM, fertile both ways.  Vigorous grower, fine habit, proliferations.  Typically Y-branched with 16 buds, with ample scapes showing 20+ buds.    $30 double fan
Sleepy Marys daylilySleepy Marys (2015) (Sleepy Hollow X Mary's Baby)  Tetraploid, Dark reddish purple of bottomless color, white picotee.  A joy to grow.  5, 42, Sev, ML, 6 br, 29 buds, fertile both ways.   $50 double fan.
Smitten With You daylilySmitten With You (2015) (Momentum X (Sherry Lane Carr x Eager And Early))  Tetraploid, Warm orange yellow with ruffled edges, inset white midribs,  and a green throat.  6, 33, Dor, ML, 5 br, 25 buds, fertile both ways.     DISPLAY
Sweet Dobro Tune picture Sweet Dobro Tune (Guided by Voices X Texas Blue Eyes)   Tetraploid. 5, 29, Dor, M, RE, 4 branches, 18 buds, pollen fertile. Lavender purple with a distinctive slate gray-blue eye. Having grown innumerable cultivars in this color genre, I knew instantly that this was unusual. In breeding with it, I have found that it affects the nature of blue eyes in the offspring, yielding distinctive kids. The petal edges sometimes show lighter color depending on the weather. DISPLAY
Picture of Symphony Chorus daylilySymphony Chorus (2010) (Mandala X Rose Impact) Tetraploid. 4.5" early-opening polychrome flowers with a bit of salmon, pink, lavender, and yellow, plus a bright band of strawberry jam above a citrus throat of tangy orange and lime green. Sleight rose veining from Oscie Whatley's superb Rose Impact.  Healthy dormant plants with a 30" scape. Four--way branching and 34 buds. Glorious in a clump.  Fertile both ways. DISPLAY
This Soul of MineThis Soul of Mine (2013) (Catalina X Virginia B. Hanson)  Tetraploid, 6", 28", Dor, EM, 5 branches, 22 buds, fertile both ways. Ruffled pink alabaster with a gently reflexed surface; muted rouge halo and a silver lavender midrib above a yellow to green throat. $30 double fan
True Fine Woman daylilyTrue Fine Woman (2016) (Truly Angelic X Texas Blue Eyes)  Tetraploid, Smooth lavender cream with periwinkle blue eye outlined reddish violet and a ruffled double edge of reddish violet and lavender.  "Citrus medley" throat of orange, yellow, and green.  Very nicely composed!  5, 26, Dormant, Mid-late. 6 branches, 29 buds, fertile both ways, easy pods.  $50 double fan.
Tuttie's Flower (2009) (Big City Eye X Unknown) Tetraploid. 6 " antique yellow with bold eye and edge of red-purple. Wonderful grower with 34" scapes. Named for everyone's favorite colleague where I used to work.  DISPLAY
Twilight IncenseTwilight Incense (2015) (Centrifugal Forces X Clarification)   Tetraploid Recurved creamy pink with a sense of vibrant explosion in a purple eyezone around a burnt orange to yellow to green throat.  Purple picotee. 5, 29, Dor, M, 4 br, 23 bc, fertile both ways.  Fine plant and scape.    DISPLAY
Vincerò! [pronounced Veen-che-RO] (2007) (Spanish Glow x Persimmon Punch) Tetraploid, 30" tall, 5" flowers, Dormant, Midseason, 27 buds on 6 branches. The color is an orange blend with some hints of grapefruit pink in cooler weather. It glows with head-turning intensity in heat and humidity. Clean foliage, vigorous growth, fertile both ways.  The name is taken from the thrilling final high note in Puccini's aria "Nessun Dorma."  If you've never heard the Franco Corelli rendition, you haven't truly lived.  DISPLAY
Virginia CityVirginia City (2015) (Bridgeton Finesse X Vertical Horizon)  Tetraploid, Warm cream outlined purple with a vibrant feathered and notched eyezone of purple above a band of veined burnt orange and a lemon yellow to green throat.  Great scape and plant habit.  5, 30, Dor, M, RE, 6 br, 33 bc, fertile both ways, early morning opener.    $50 double fan.
Wine Spectator pictureWine Spectator (2017) (San Picked Me X Shaka Zulu)   Tetraploid, 5.5, 47, Dor, EM, RE, 5 branches, 24 buds, easily fertile both ways, three sets of scapes.  Ruffled deep burgundy with a lighter watermark.  You won't have trouble seeing the wine from this height!  A scape factory with great scape density in the clump.  Healthy and vigorous.  Enjoy now through 2099!  $50 double fan
Ye Banks and BraesYe Banks and Braes (2016) (Musical Medley X Age of Aquarius)   Tetraploid Medium lavender with an outlined bluish halo around a yellow to green throat.  Thin ruffled double edge of dark violet and light lavender.  5, 30, Dormant, Early-midseason.  5 branches, 32 buds.  Eye-catching clump appearance.    $50 double fan
Image of Your Warming Embrace daylily Your Warming Embrace (2016) ((Betty Warren Woods x Persimmon Punch) x Butter Cream) X Pearl Harbor  Tetraploid, Glowing golden orange with a ruffled orange edge.  6, 33, Dormant, Midseason, Rebloom. 4 branches, 35 buds, fertile both ways, easy pods.  $50 double fan


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