Oscie Whatley's Garden Records

The compilation below, all 80 megabytes of it, presents the six notebooks just as they are, in a somewhat jumbled chronological order.  Within each notebook the chronology generally runs backwards, but not always, and some material is broken up between several notebooks.  That is why I created a set of hyperlinks at the top of the Compilation and at the top of each page.  The hyperlinks provide a way of looking at the material in chronological and topical order.  You can easily decide where you want to jump in, and easily find a neaby link that will take you back to the top.

I recommend the Study Guides as the way to introduce yourself to the notebooks.  These guides provide biographical material, analysis of Oscie's breeding methods, and discussion of his codes, abbreviations, and all of his registered cultivars.  I have included pictures of all his cultivars and, where possible, his own descriptions of them.

Hybridizers will find useful the transcriptions of his seedling bed maps and the full list of all his selections over the years.  I have annotated the list of selections to indicate which were registered and to point out various discrepancies between the selection notes and the seedling maps from which the selections were made.  I've annotated each seedling bed map to help the reader see cultivar names where the map might show only seedling numbers and abbreviations.

Compilation of Oscie Whatley's Six Garden Notebooks (80MB PDF)

Compilation of Oscie Whatley's Selection Lists

Study Guide 1 1947-1969

Study Guide 2 1970-1979

Study Guide 3 1980-1989

Study Guide 4 1990-2004

1959-1962 List of Crosses

1963 List of Crosses

1964 List of Crosses

1965 List of Crosses

1966 List of Treated Seeds

1967 List of Crosses

1968 List of Treated Seeds

1968 Map of Tetraploid Seedlings

1971 Seedling Map

1972 Seedling Map

1973 Seedling Map

1974 Seedling Map

1975 Seedling Map

1976 Seedling Map

1977 Seedling Map

1978 Seedling Map

1979 Seedling Map

1980 Seedling Map - Jim McKinney seeds

1980 Seedling Map - Jim McKinney seedlings

1980 Seedling Map

1981 Seedling Map

1982 Seedling Map

1983 Seedling Map

1984 Seedling Map

1985 Seedling Map

1986 Seedling Map

1987 Seedling Map

1988 Seedling Map

1989 Seedling Map

1990 Seedling Map

1991 Seedling Map

1992 Seedling Map

1993 Seedling Map

1994 Seedling Map

1995 Seedling Map

1996 Seedling Map

1997 Seedling Map

1998 Seedling Map

1999 Seedling Map

2000 Seedling Map

2001-02 Seedling Map

2003 Seedling Map

Instructions for Tetraploid Conversion


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